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Indroduction of "Ankyo"(English)

Ankyo(Yasui Yoshiki)'s Profile

Personal computer CPU upgrade information(English)

Japanese computer's CPU upgrade information (includes PC-9821)

"CHINMEI" places around the world(English)

"CHINMEI" places - The words of these places means "special" in Japanese. For example, "Eromanga" means erotic comics in Japanese.

Why don't you go to these places?

"Chinmei" places that I know: Scheveningen, Eromanga Island, Eromanga, Chinko- River, Ajo, Boke, Silifke, Kintamani, Lake Chinpo

Ankyo's Tokyo Travel Tips (English Only)

Some travel information of Tokyo

Ankyo's audio system(English)

Introduction of my audio system

Update information(Japanese)

Back(Japanese only)