Ankyo's audio system

My audio system isn't a ordinary one, I think.
I'll present my audio system at this page.

I bought this system when I entered university.
Power Amplifier:McIntosh 2100 (1972)
This amplifier is very old one. It doesn't work when I get this one, but I repaired it by brushing VR contact.(:-) I've used PIONEER A-717 before this, but changed to this because it's sound is very GOOD! Also brushed the mono/stereo switch in 2001, and repaired some transistors in 2006.
Loud Speaker:MITSUBISHI DIATONE DS-2000HR (1987)
It is newer than McIntosh amplifier(:-). It is used one, I paid 100,000 yen for it. How much is it now? As I listened almost all of this series' loud speakers, I can say when you use these speakers, you must prepare an amplifier that has large POWER and driving current.
CD Player:SONY CDP-555ESA (1991)
This CD player is a very normal one, I paid 60,000 some yen for this. It got into trouble once, but it works fine now.
DAT Recorder:SONY DTC-57ES (1991)
This is a normal one, too. Now it maybe has becoming to an A/D,D/A converter(:-) This got into trouble once, too. Because the source of trouble was built-in microcomputer, it starts playing and recording unexpectedly... Repaired again in 2009.
Cassete Deck:SONY TC-KA7ES
This doesn't work correctly. But this one is a high-end model, so I am going to repair this deck. Sold 2013.
Tuner:KENWOOD KT-3080
Renewed from old LUXMAN T-45A. Digital tuner is very convinient, but it is pretty hard to listen radio without an antenna...

This system is partly old, but It's sound is good, and makes high quality sound.
I think I should use a good article for a long time.
The only one defect of this system is it's weight, exceeds 100kg!
That's all. Thank you for reading.

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