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(In the ICE train 1st class! :-)

Name:Yasui Yoshiki

My surname is Yasui. Yasui writes in Japanese Kanji letters.
pronounces YASU, means relieved and cheap, secure.
Pronounciation of is I, means "be", live, reside and residence.
There are multiple pronunciations in Kanji.
"On-yomi", means almost same as Chinese, "Kun-yomi", means Japanese original pronunciation.
also pronounces AN, and the another pronunciations is KYO.
So, my name is "ANKYO" in "On-yomi".

Birth:August 2,197x(Male)

Living place:Shinagawa, Tokyo, JPN

Personal computer career:31 years, since 1986(Japanese)

Mainly owned computer(Japanese)

The place named "Yasui"(Japanese)

There are 11 places named "Yasui" in Japan. Isn't it very interesting to visit the place that same as your name? Let's try.

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